The Water is Wide

Only a lake separating them... 

But it might have been an ocean. Might have been leagues and leaps and bounds. Because the reality betwixt them remained insurmountable. 
Still, when twilight fell, she could escape the cabin and linger at the lapping edge of the lake. And she could watch the lights and hear the lilting laughter from his family parties in that stately manor, and remember when she had been welcomed with secrecy, into those fairy-like lights. Remember their own dances, and laughter. She could live that castle-like life in memories. She could love him across the water. 
She couldn't see him, across the shore, betwixt the trees. Watching the homey lights from her own homey hearth. Wishing his world was within hers. 

She couldn't know that within a month he would find a portal to bind them. Only an old canoe. Rickety, like a gift from snickering sprites in hopes of watching someone topple into the blue. But he was always good with tools. And that scrap of nothing would become everything to them. 

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